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Summer 2023: Special Session on Large Language Models

Date Paper Presenter
26 May 2023 Introduction to Attention and Transformers Tyler LaBonte
2 Jun 2023 A Mathematical Framework for Transformer Circuits Hassan Naveed
9 Jun 2023 No meeting  
16 Jun 2023 In-context Learning and Induction Heads Yeojoon Youn
23 Jun 2023 No meeting  
30 Jun 2023 An Explanation of In-context Learning as Implicit Bayesian Inference Yun-Feng Lo
7 Jul 2023 Transformers Learn Shortcuts to Automata Leyan Pan
14 Jul 2023 What learning algorithm is in-context learning? Investigations with linear models Kuo-Wei Lai
21 Jul 2023 The Learnability of In-Context Learning Zihao Hu
28 Jul 2023 No meeting  
4 Aug 2023 No meeting  
11 Aug 2023 A Mechanism for Sample-Efficient In-Context Learning for Sparse Retrieval Tasks Jacob Abernethy
18 Aug 2023 Transformers as Statisticians: Provable In-Context Learning with In-Context Algorithm Selection Matthew Lau
25 Aug 2023 Trained Transformers Learn Linear Models In-Context Guanghui Wang