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Sprring 2018

Date Paper Presenter Location
10 Jan 2018 General Discussion   Klaus 3100
17 Jan 2018 Fast Convergence of Regularized Learning in Games Naveen Kodali Klaus 2100
24 Jan 2018 Learning Linear Dynamical Systems via Spectral Filtering Ben Bray Klaus 2100
14 Feb 2018 On the Complexity of Learning Neural Networks Santosh Vempala Klaus 2100
21 Feb 2018 The Numerics of GANs Amit Raj Klaus 2100
28 Feb 2018 Nearly-tight VC-dimension and pseudodimension bounds for piecewise linear neural networks Samira Samadi Klaus 2100
14 Mar 2018 Alternating Minimization Bhuvesh Kumar Klaus 2100
21 Mar 2018 Sampling as minimization in the space of measures: The Langevin dynamics as a composite optimization problem Andre Wibisono Klaus 2100