ML Theory @ GT

Machine learning theory reading group at Georgia Tech

This is the website for the ML Theory reading group organized by Jacob Abernethy in the School of Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. We meet every Monday at 12:15 - 2 pm in the Klaus Advanced Computing Building.

Meetings Schedule and presenters

Fall 2018

Date Paper Presenter Location
27 Aug 2018 General Discussion
Faster Rates for Convex-Concave Games
Jake Abernethy Klaus 2100
05 Sep 2018 Online Saddle Point Problem with Applications to Constrained Online Convex Optimization Adrian Rivera Klaus 1212
10 Sep 2018 Entropy-SGD: Biasing Gradient Descent Into Wide Valleys Ben Bray Klaus 2100
17 Sep 2018 The Mechanics of n-Player Differentiable Games Kevin Lai Klaus 2100
24 Sep 2018 A Compressed Sensing View of Unsupervised Text Embeddings, Bag-of-n-Grams, and LSTMs Jun-Kun Wang Klaus 2100
01 Oct 2018 PyTorch tutorial Jake Abernethy Klaus 2100
22 Oct 2018 Hamiltonian Descent Methods Andre Wibisono Klaus 2100
29 Oct 2018 On the Convergence of ADAM and Beyond Bhuvesh Kumar Klaus 2100
05 Nov 2018 Proportional Volume Sampling and Approximation Algorithms for A-Optimal Design Uthaipon (Tao) Tantipongpipat Klaus 2100
12 Nov 2018 Parallel and Distributed Block-Coordinate Frank-Wolfe Algorithms Seyma Gurkan Klaus 2100
19 Nov 2018 A Primal-Dual Algorithm for General Convex-Concave Saddle Point Problems Digvijay Boob Klaus 2100
26 Nov 2018 Bandit Learning in Concave n-person Games Yeojoon Youn Klaus 2100
03 Dec 2018 Klaus 2100

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